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Welcome to our Castle

We are a family of 7 that lives in the rolling hills of KZN in South Africa. We value family and love creating our home to be a place that not only nurtures our children but provides a place for them to grow and be individually built into a Castle that will last for eternity.

At CastleforKeeps.com we blog about parenting, education,  homeschooling, training, crafts, outings, special days and celebrations among other aspects – all of which are daily laying stone upon stone to form our Castle Keeps.

This blog is built around the concept of a Castle so check out our “different rooms” and see what we’ve been up to. Please leave a comment or two so we know you’ve stopped by and don’t forget to follow us so that you can be the first to hear about our newest posts. We do hope you leave challenged, inspired and encouraged from our crazy days we call “life.”

As this site is about the members of this castle we call home. We’ll introduce you to our courtiers.

Lord Dad: Heads up this castle and tries to keep his finger on his estate, people, cooks and fit in a full time job. He’s a microbiologist by day and a fantastic father and husband every other minute of his life. He is passionate about parenting and having fun with his family.

Lady Mom: Hmm, she heads up the cooking, cleaning, mommying, schooling, blogging, doctoring and anything else that happens within (and without) our castle walls pertaining to the castle members. She’s passionate about parenting and education. In her spare time 😉 as a remedial teacher and educational consultant she writes a column on parenting and education for the newspaper, writes and conducts workshops for parents and keeps the blogs going.

Our Castle 2013

The last 2 years have seen much happen and much change. Owing to the adventures of living in South Africa, we went without any internet connection for 9 months this year, hence the lack of news and blogging. So to keep you up to speed… We are now a family of 8!

In March we were blessed with A. Welcome to our crazy, fun life baby girl!

Just Minutes Old

8 Month Later!

E now 16 with 1 year left in her formal schooling. But still up to nonsense 😉
She’s done well attending our local high school and we proud of her for being chosen as a prefect for 2014.

K, 11 is still into birding and music. He’s been writing operas and keeps us entertained with renditions of Veggie Tale stories – when he isn’t reading a book!

N, 7 is a bundle of energy and ideas. He loves to draw and create. He keeps us all on our toes with his plans and missions.

L is our busy girl, moving from place to place and idea to idea. She is constantly on the move but loves to help and be apart of all the action!

J is still into nature and loves reading and drawing.


Our Castle 2011

Our Castle 2011

Maiden #1 (E- age 15): She is well into her highschool/pre-adult adventure. She loves to dance and spend time with her friends. This next year she’ll be off to grade 10 in a “real school” and be leaving our homeschool days (although once a homeschooler always a homeschooler) – so think this will be an adventure for us all.

Knight #1 (K – age 9): Our bird and music boy. He LOVES to read anything that he can lay his hands on. He is passionate about birding and loves to play his violin. He’s our composer and author, thinker and nature lover.

Knight #2 (N – age 5): Our Gift from God keeps us laughing as he loves to have an audience and perform. He’s our sportsman and will find any excuse to have a ball in his hands. He is our warrior and gentle heart, our go boy and yet defender of the poor and lonely. He has a heart of gold.

Maiden # 2 (L- age 4): Our music and painting girl. She loves to be on the go and to draw and paint all day. Her beautiful laugh brings tinkling joy to our home.

Maiden #3 (J- age 4): Our bug lover and adventure girl is always up to (or should I say “up on”) something. She forever has a bug in her hand or in her pocket and stands in awe of the beauty around us.

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