Fathers Day Ideas

2015-01-05 04.34.35As we draw yet again towards another celebration – namely Father’s Day – it is easy to become overwhelmed by the cost and complexities of yet another special day. In the chaos of it all we then loose sight of actually celebrating the person and what they mean to us. Besides where do we begin to thank and celebrate these special men that hold not only our children’s hearts but ours too!

I would like to offer you a few simple ideas of ways that you can enjoy the day together without it becoming overwhelming and you spending an arm and a leg.

Firstly we all love to get and give cards and gifts on Father’s day. Yet – I’m sorry – but Men are some of the hardest people to come up with ideas for! I have however noticed over the years that the handmade cards, handwritten notes are some of the things that my husband has treasured. For this reason we always make homemade gifts and cards. It can often be hard to think of new ideas so here are a few to help you out….

Having loads of little people’s art all over the house can become overwhelming so why not put up a hook for each child and for every Father’s Day or birthday or Christmas you present him with a new art work. Here are some great ideas of personalised artworks and cards your special little people can make for dad.

2014-12-28 03.54.12Some gifts can include the usual chocolates and other bought items or you can make him something special.

How about making some hot chocolate on a stick (place cooking chocolate in an ice tray and stick a sucker stick into it and then once set package it. Then you simply stir the chocolate stick into a mug of hot milk.) YOu could even turn this into an event of everyone having their hot chocolate on a stick while you look through old photos or watch old family videos.

Another idea is a snack bag for him to keep in the car or on his desk. This could have all sorts of little packets of chocolates, dried fruit and nuts. Then to make it more special you could ask your child to write little notes that they can intersperse with the goodies – so that each time dad opens a pack he gets a little note too. This works well with a jar of biscuits too. If you cut up little pieces of paper and write love notes on these, then roll them up and tie them with cotton. Put these in among the biscuits in a jar for Dad.

Instead of spending huge amounts on visiting crowded restaurants on Father’s day one of our treats is to have a picnic. This can either take place in our own garden or we go to a nature reserve or the botanical gardens. Then part of our gift to dad is the picnic basket packed with all his favourite treats. Living in South Africa the middle of winter can present us with an awesome picnic day or a freezing day. Don’t be discouraged however…. a picnic in the lounge (you could maybe string up a few blankets over some chairs as a make shift tent – is a day always remembered. Taking photos on a special day such as this can then contribute to his gift as you give him and I-Owe-You in the form of an empty photo frame that you can fill with pictures from that day. The photo frame can be a bought one or one of the homemade examples from the link above.

Above all Dad wants to know he is special and loved. This will look different for every family but I can guarantee that taking the time out to do something special as a family and presenting him with something made from his little person’s heart will let him know just how much he means to you all.

We would love to hear from you all about your father’s day creations.

Finding Spring

This winter has been an exceptionally hard one. It has been bitterly cold – at least for this one Mama it has been – so many long dark days. I am sure the sun did shine many more times than I saw but it was not a fun few months. Having grown up in a lush green suburb that never really felt winter, living now in a place shaded only in brown and dusty yellow, split by streaks for fire burned black, winter bites the depths of my soul. Finding joy in winter is something I need to daily dig really deep to discover!

So spring has been so anticipated, I’ve longed for the longer warm days, to once again walk bare foot upon soft green shaded grass, to watch ducklings scoot across the pond as the weavers noisily build their cozy nests. To be greeted each morning my the sparrows chatter and each evening by the sweet fragrance of jasmine.

The 1 September – the day we use to celebrate the unofficial start of spring – is greatly anticipated in our home. The table is laid beautifully, flowers are collected and then we sit down to sweet fellowship and delicious food. Strangely, as much as spring was anticipated this year, I never really saw it coming. Having gone to bed far too late the night before and then woken far too early by a little person on this special morning, I was already not in the mood for Monday long before dawn! As the fog of sleep lifted slightly I realised it was 1 September and instead of the exuberant enthusiasm I felt only the cold of winter dig into my morning soul. No blissful joy that usually wraps this day only the thought of yet another thing to have to pull off! Yet, in true Mom sense, I rose to the occasion and began to look cheery and bright, yet my heart still clung to the darkest of winter’s days. I helped dash around the garden gathering flowers and quickly bake fresh scones, yet my heart was far from the enthusiasm of the new life represented on this day.

Eventually the candles were lit and we were all seated around the table, heads silently bowed in prayer. It was then that Peace arrived. Silently it invaded the corners of my soul. The flowers, the sweet smell of fresh scones, the warm smiles, homely laughter, candles flickering sure, strong and white…. The next half hour was spent reading poetry as well as many funny attempts of trying to remember spring poems from years gone by. Time stood still as we simply stopped to celebrate life.

Suddenly Dad needed to get to work and school needed to be started and it was time to clear up and move along yet my soul had begun to thaw. In the busy blur of yet another Monday, school, extra murals, friends, dentists and new guinea pigs spring begun to take root.

So often we push through to create special memories and events for our children and yet today I discovered that the pushing through today was in fact for me. And as Mom finds spring she’ll lead the way for others to follow and how blessed I am to have a houseful of little people to walk down this path beside me, encouraging me to keep on.

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