Cold Cure

Our 4yr old has moaned of a sore throat over the last few days and as we really busy at the moment and going to a doctor isn’t even an option. So we pulled out the old faithfuls and today his back to his busy self!

Here’s the trick – and it hardly costs anything!
Mix: 1/2 tsp salt & 1/2 tsp bicarb of soda in a mug.
Add a little boiling water so it fizzes, fill mug with cool water.
Every time you pass the bathroom (day and night) gargle with the mix AND here’s the crunch use a syringe to squirt a few drops up the sick ones nose 3 times a day! Within a day you should be feeling better.


Secondly add a big spoon of honey to some lemon juice and add to some boiling water (the stronger and hotter the better) for small children it’ll have to be cool but try keep it strong if possible. This helps the kill bugs.

Please note that if sickness persisits you do need to contact your doctor.



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