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Being Mom – at Home

1am this morning was not what I expected 1am to look like. It began with Amber-Mai crying and before long she began throwing up – again, and again and again – every 15 min or half hour for the rest … Continue reading

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Let’s Vote

Today was a special day here in South Africa – it was time to once again vote for the people we see fit to lead our nation. 20 years ago we stood before a land mark decision for South Africa … Continue reading

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Just a Few Ways We Do School

Just for fun I thought I’d quickly share with you just a few pics from around the house on how you may find us “doing school.” Doing Spelling Doing Maths Bonds and Tables Handwriting Desk Work Long division – yes … Continue reading

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Ssshhh Listen

We all live in such a busy society that we have very little time to just stop, look and listen. Yet it’s in these quiet moments that a child is able to ponder, which is so important for their overall … Continue reading

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Shoulder Girdle Game

Developing the shoulder girdle is vital for a child’s preschool development. Children with weak shoulder girdles will battle with a number of activities including handwriting. This is initially strengthened through crawling – so if your child walked early try play crawling … Continue reading

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Nature’s Natural Lessons

Take a few minutes today to take some time to really look at an object today. It may be a flower, a shell, a garment of clothing or a toy. Take time to look at it, feel it and smell … Continue reading

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Valuable Vocab

Isn’t it wonderful to hear someone use a large, colourful vocabulary. This is however not developed at the age of 20 but it begins in the preschool years. Take some time to write down some words you’d love your child … Continue reading

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