Maths for Lunch

This last week I decided to help our little maidens learn their numbers – during lunch. So we embarked on a fun project that sorted lunch time out for me as well.

We began by making some white bread dough (8 cups of flour, 1 packet of yeast, about 4 cups of luke warm water, some oil and salt) Then at the last minute – much to maiden #1’s horror I added BLUE food colouring.

Once it was well kneaded we left it to rise. About half an hour later each child was given a ball f dough on a floured surface. The older children made all sorts of creatures whilst I helped the girls make their numbers 1-5.

This was a great activity as it worked their fin muscles whilst they were learning something “academic.” For my more visually orientated child this activity was crucial as she could see the number being physically build. She also had the opportunity to touch and feel the number as a concrete object and then even eventually eat it!

Once we had shaped the dough we splashed them with water and cooked it in the warmed oven. The length of time depended on the size of the creations – but once they began to go brown we took it that they were ready.

The kids were delighted with the results.

When offered his lunch….

Lord Dad was a bit concerned about what exactly goes on while he’s at work 😉

But the rest of the household filled their tummies up on blue bread and jam!

This was one of those easy to do activities that we can easily repeat and it would still be enjoyed just as much. There is so much learning that can be drawn out of making normal bread and so much more out of bright coloured number bread.

So take the plunge have some coloured bread for lunch today and leave a comment saying how it turned out.

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Teaching Counting

Once a child can count to 10 and recognise all the number symbols you can begin to play with bigger numbers. Download and print a Hundred Square chart. Then point to the numbers and count. You can correspond this with counting on an abacus too. Then get your hands on or make some Flard cards. Then take tunes pointing to numbers on the Hundred Square and count them on the abacus and then build it with the flard cards. Make this a fun game and stop if they get tired. Although they won’t learn to count overnight they will gain a deep number concept and understanding of how numbers are made up. That is that 25 is 20 and 5 not 2 and 5. Have Fun!!!

Counting Counters

It’s amazing how easy it is to include numeracy development into your daily life but it is also fun to sometimes do an activity – focusing on one specific concept. Here’s an easy to do and fun way to develop number concept.

Begin by writing out the numbers  1 to 5 on pieces of paper and the same number of squares under each number. Then give your child counters or whatever you choose to use – and they must count the number of squares and place that many counters on the blocks

You can then point to the written number and reinforce that that has the same meaning as the number of blocks – but don’t force this as at this point you are focusing on developing their number concept and learning to recognise the number symbol is incidental at this point. Let this remain a game and not a lesson and let your child lead in that they may add another dimension to it or choose to pack it away before you are but be encouraged learning is taking place all the time!

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