Road Trip Journals

New Treasures

I so love travel. 😊 When we out of our comfort zones we once again become acutely aware of our surroundings… A single new bird call has everyone dashing out and peering into the trees. We discover so many new treasures that are another man’s everyday familiarity.

A new adventure is time for a new travel notebook. Everyone is so excited to knuckle down with creating new covers a nd their first entries of what they have discovered so far.

Going for the King

The reason we find ourselves on the road again this time is simply, the same as before…. God told us to go. So we are going. Once again nothing more than a simple step of obedience.

Positioning the Prophetic

What a privilege it was this weekend to join up with and be a part of a prophetic team. We (the team) spent the weekend encouraging the church on hearing the promises Jesus has for his people. Of course catching up with friends who travel the country too and mom turning a blind eye to the colouring my sister’s face all makes it such fun for our children.

But they are also very much a part of the team – dancing, praying and bringing words. This was a really awesome weekend of seeing people healed and God breaking into the darkest corners of people’s lives with the freedom of the truth.

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