A Wintery day…

So the last month has been once of the craziest ever. About 5 weeks ago Kadin underwent a huge chest operation. It was far from home and the kids had to stay with my folks while I was at the hospital and Neil was back and forwards.

We were home for about 4 days before we had to start packing to move house. We had decided only the week before that to rent out our home and move to a farm a few kilometers away. So it wasn’t a major move to a new town – but enough to rock little people’s lives. With the move our business suddenly required me to go back to work 8 to 11am each day. So need one say it has been a rough month.

So on Saturday with the new kitchen flooring lying in the dining room waiting to be put down, boxes still calling to be unpacked we succumbed to the cold wintery day and just had a day out. I think some children even spent their day on their PJs. So amongst the clutter and chaos around us we were able to just doing what we each enjoy doing – be that playing on the computer or putting up a tent in the play room – it was amazing to have a day off to just be as a family.

A weekly round up 24-25/4/2016

With all the public holidays this last week was a holiday week. After a month that was full of chaos – Kadin having a major op and the others spending a week with my folks, the next week we moved house and then I needed to go back to work for the month – I’m usually at home with the children but business called for the month. It was really a hard month on us all. So this week was such a blessing and we all beginning to feel slightly human again.

I even managed to blog a piece of writing I wrote a while back. Raising Little – Big people 


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