Christmas Crackers

Not sure about your corner of the world but here we all love popping Christmas Crackers on Christmas day – however we find they are so expensive and the contents are always so disapointing!

For his reason, as part of our year end celebrations, we have over the past six years made out own crackers. We have found a shop that sells the cracker part very reasonably and that is what first inspired us to try make our own. If however you can’t get your hands on these I’d still suggest trying to make your own as your are then able to choose prizes that suit your family, you can choose your own colour theme and your children are able to be apart of the making of them. We’ve found that what makes our Christmas times so special is that the children are fully involved – no things often don’t look perfect and are often not as I imagined them but the fun we’ve had making them always outweighs that.

Firstly you need to gather your materials:crepe paper, raffia, toilet roll insides, glitter, glue, scissors and treats.

The process is as easy as cutting the paper, adding glitter to it.

on the back of the paper add a strip of glue along each of the longer sides. Set the toilet roll on the glue and then roll it closed.

Once this is done take the raffia, cut it into small pieces and tie one end of the cracker – this also teaches important fine motor skills such as tying knots.

place the treat inside….

And tie the other end shut!

These are so easy to make and the children really enjoy this Christmas activity!

Have Fun!

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One thought on “Christmas Crackers

  1. It’s the Dad and Husband here – the crackers were wonderful – I played with the toy I got and felt like a kid again. It was great.

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