Hearing my Daddy

Today we decided to take the day “off” and go for a hike in our beautiful drakensberg mountains. It has been years since we went and we wondered how the little guys would possibly manage. Well little Maisy (aged 3.5yrs) walked all 3.5km! So I’d say they all managed pretty well!

As we reached a particularly difficult scramble up hill everyone else had already disappeared out of view and she looked up at me saying, “Mommy it’s too hard, I can’t do it.” Just then Neil’s voice wafted from some where ahead of us….

“Maaaaaisy.  Maaaisy.  Come on  girl.”

She looked at me.  I looked at her.

I asked ” did you hear your daddy’s voice.  Did you hear him calling?” Neither of us knew which direction we were headed but as he called we climbed up toward his voice.  Suddenly it didn’t seem so steep or scary but rather an exciting anticipation of when we’ll find him.  We kept looking till suddenly there he was.  What a rapture of joy as Maisy saw her daddy standing there waiting for her. That last scramble was one of pure delight and love.

Later as we descended upon a steep path I told her to hold my hand and we’d walk this part together. When she asked why I explained that sometimes Jesus will call us and we need to b follow his voice and other times we need to just hold his hand and let him do it together with us.

What a full heart I took home with me.  I had learned so much about my father in heaven as well as being mom.  This Being Mom thing is not just about school and clothes and food and sport. It’s about walking beside our children – training them to hear, see and recognise their heavenly father. And as mom I need to not be their saviour rescuing them from every hardship but rather walk beside… Had I picked her up and carried her on those hard paths neither of us would have seen what God wanted to tell us about him in struggling the difficult moments in life.  Slowly, slowly this mommy is learning what Being Mom is really all about.

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