Homemade Gifts, Wrapping and Tags

It’s one thing wanting to give gifts but another being able to afford it. It’s our heart to teach our children to give, however with five of them this can often be hard as it all adds up so quickly! For this reason for Christmas and birthdays we make our own wrapping paper, cards / tags and when possible gifts.

Wrapping Paper

This Christmas was made very simple wrapping paper in that we simply hauled out some large pieces of brown paper we had, handed the kids some paint and brushes and set them to work – hint don’t use poster or powder paint as this tends to rub off and make a HUGE mess. I was very surprised how some children painted paterns, others random smudges and others detailed pictures.

Eventually Maiden #3 figured out that one could fill a spoon with paint and flick it across the page. This was a huge hit with every one and I was very grateful that we were wearing painting clothes and that we were in the art room so blue paint on the wall wasn’t too much of a problem šŸ™‚

By the end of an hour we had enough paper for all our gifts and so many different wrappings to wrap with.

And then before we all run away it is SO important for everyone to learn that cleaning up is part of the “fun.”

Gift Tags

We made the most simple gift tags this year. I simply cut white card into small squares with fancey scissors. The children then stamped yellow stars in the middle.

Once the stars were dry we added some gold glitter to their centers.

You can then use them as they are or stick them to a coloured back ground.


For gifts we made gingerbread biscuits,Ā calendarsĀ and stress balls. All were so appreciated and enjoyed by theirĀ recipientsĀ and so easy on the pocket too!

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One thought on “Homemade Gifts, Wrapping and Tags

  1. That is such an awesome idea! I remember for my birthday 8 years ago, my husband didn’t have time to get my presents wrapped so he gave them to me in newspaper and at least one of the gifts were wrapped in one of his white tee shirts. It’s funny because I can’t even remember the gifts but I remember the “made at home” gift wrapping. It was so sweet and I loved it.

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