Just a Few Ways We Do School

Just for fun I thought I’d quickly share with you just a few pics from around the house on how you may find us “doing school.”

Doing Spelling

Doing Maths Bonds and Tables


Desk Work

Long division – yes that is on my passage floor!


Science usually happens by accident.

More maths made for lunch.

Self discovery and explorations.


And lots of Books.

I could just keep going all evening but that gives you a quick glimpse into how you may see us “doing school” on any given day. Enjoy the ride.

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5 thoughts on “Just a Few Ways We Do School

  1. Thank you for posting this, and I want you to know my happy place for the day is your children doing math problems on your floor. That is just brilliant! May I pin the photo of your son with the quote “Science usually happens by accident”? This is such a fantastic illustration of play-based learning. You are clearly doing a phenominal job homeschooling your kids.

    • Thanks for the lovely comment. You may pin the pic with pleasure – in case you didn’t notice that’s a nappy changing mat above his head LOL. Please drop in again to see what we are up to. Never a dull moment in this home 🙂

    • If aynone can home school their kids it’s you. You’re such and awesome mom!I was home schooled from 3rd grade through 9th grade. When I went back to High School I was one of the smartest students not that I’m a genius but the other kids had figured out how to do just enough school work to get a B or a C, then they skipped everything else. I got A’s because I did all the work.I have a lot of fond memories of all the cool field trips we went on. There was also a group of home schoolers that we got together with regularly.Now I have to worn you the first 6 months to a year is the hardest. It’s just because your kids aren’t used to being together all the time so they’re going to get in fights and argue etc. But after you get past the hard part they will be so close. I know I’m really close with my family because of home schooling.There’s so many more things your kids can now learn I’m excited for them.Don’t worry about the social thing either. You know the saying, “I learned everything I needed to learn in Kindergarten.” That’s were kids pick up most of their social skills. They also still have fun learning in preschool and kindergarten. So put them in school for those years and they’ll be fine.Good Luck!

  2. Oh my gosh, that is hilarious! I hadn’t noticed. That makes the photo even more priceless. How wonderful! 🙂 Keep up the good work, and thank you for sharing your journey.

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