Kids Climbing

I will be the first to admit that play grounds are not my favourite places! As much as I love my children and love being Mom I’ve just never managed to get excited about sitting and watching children climb. On a recent picnic I did however see once again just how good climbing structures are for children!

These climbing apparatus not only develop the obvious gross motor skills but a host of other skills as well. A few of these skills are social ones as they need to learn to take turns and not push each other off!

As they watch others go higher and slide faster they are challenged to move out of their comfort zones and will climb to heights they may not have before.

They also learn about their limitations and what they personally are capable of. Imaginative games emerge and hours of fun are created on and under these huge structures.

It was then that I realised that although I’m less than enthusiastic, if I find a calm play park, take a picnic basket and a good book maybe climbing structures could not only provide my children with hours of fun and development but maybe I could read a page or two of my book as well!!

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