Nature’s Natural Lessons

Take a few minutes today to take some time to really look at an object today. It may be a flower, a shell, a garment of clothing or a toy.

Take time to look at it, feel it and smell it. Afterwards talk about it. Tell each other what you like best about how it looks such as its colour or shape. Talk about what you think it smelt like and how it felt and what this texture reminded you of. This shouldn’t be school type discussion or a sit down activity but just something you draw into your day when you notice something you think looks interesting. It may be as you are carrying the groceries in that you see a weed pushing its way through the drive, “Wow – look how strong this little flower is. Have you seen a flower like this before? Look at those petals what do they remind you of…..”

It’s at times like these that make children form a relationship with and an interest in the world around them.


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