Our Story Our Song Day 18 – Faith

Monday 27 Feb Day 18

Today we met with Kenny, our contact at Living Hope. As he spoke of all the things they do and how we can be involved, I felt an excitement growing in my Spirit. We may not have a place to stay, but our purpose for being here is becoming more and more clear.

It is not about us serving others – let’s be honest, Living Hope don’t really need us. It is not about us bringing hope to the lost and needy, or us in our arrogance thinking we can even offer anyone anything. It is about the journey that God has us on. It is about the faith he is building in Jo and myself, as well as my kids.

Being the donkey…

It is about positioning ourselves to be tools in the hands of the Master – to do His will. Above all, it is about him teaching us more about himself – in the way he provides, the way he uses us to bring truth and builds faith in us. It is about being the donkey. In fact this whole trip is about teaching us to be donkeys – to carry the King and his truth and principles wherever needed. It is about bringing glory to Him.It’s about pointing people to Him. It’s about adjusting the magnifying glass so that he is magnified. And through it all, he works in us. He draws us to him. He weaves the Madgwick family’s story and song into His perfect Story and Song.


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