Puzzle Mania

Most children love to do puzzles! Interestingly though it’s not always the number of pieces that determines how hard a puzzle is but also the picture on it!

“I think I Can”

I remember knight#1 being a star at puzzles, then he was given one with many less pieces than her was used to, but it had a picture of a cheetah on it hiding in a tree and he couldn’t do it!

So be aware of this when buying puzzles for little people. Another puzzle hint is that it is often harder for children to build the border first but easier to build the actual picture. We usually start with the eyes and build from the face out. Puzzles not only help develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills but also visual discriminationfigure ground concept and memory skillsamongst others.

Puzzles are one activity that children seem to enjoy doing over and over and they love the challenge of getting better every time and they are so good for their preschool development!

“I Did It!”

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