String Painting

Recently we had great fun doing “string painting.” I put some paint into old meat trays and a piece of string for each child, in each tray.

Once they were sitting down they were each given a piece of paper and I put down one tray. They each took a piece of string and streaked it or twirled it around their page. Once that colour was done I gave them the next colour. This was simply to prevent them from mixing all the colours and ending up with a brown page. If I had only used 2 primary colours I may have given them to them at the same time to witness colour mixing! We worked our way through each colour and produced some wonderful pictures. Something I learned was that the string must not be too long as they find it difficult to handle.

This activity is a fantastic one as it not only encourages creativity but introduces exposure to texture and friction. It develops fine motor skills and figure ground discrimination. The figure ground development in this case is interesting as they are actually witnessing the building of layer upon layer. After the activity it’s interesting to ask them what colour we used first and where is that colour now? Or “how come the red is under all the other colours?”

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