Dairy Alert

I’ve always thought of moms with allergy children as just being hyper and over protective. As I had never experienced allergy reactions myself I agreed that certain products reacted to certain people but this wheat, dairy allergy talk was just too much for me to accept. I mean we have all lived on milk and bread for centuries so why now would it cause so many problems?

That was all before our second son was born. When he arrived we were suddenly thrust into months of crying and crying, rashes, speech problems and a very irritable little boy. When I noticed at 3 months that he was developing eczema I decided that I would just try put him on a dairy free milk powder. What do you know within 24 hours he had stopped crying and all his milestones were suddenly on par – he wasn’t yet smiling, lifting his head properly etc…. and suddenly he was a different child.

For 18 months we kept him off milk then I just let it slip
back into his diet. Hmmm a runny tummy, moods, crying and by 3yrs still hardly any speech? Rice milk was suggested and once the family tasted this they all wanted it so we were suddenly dairy free. Within no time he was such a happy boy, his tummy was working well and his speech development soared! So needless to say we’ve stayed dairy free.

We eat fish and raw veggies to replace the nutrients we loose from the lack of dairy. Although no one else has an allergy they all so enjoy the rice milk and by only adding 2 teaspoons to a cup of tea instead of their recommended amount a 1kg packet lasts our family of 7 a week and a half so we have saved on the cost as well and haven’t looked back! Just makes you wonder though how much we really reacting to different foods butr we just used to it so we don’t notice!

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