Being Mom – at Home

1am this morning was not what I expected 1am to look like. It began with Amber-Mai crying and before long she began throwing up – again, and again and again – every 15 min or half hour for the rest of the night. During which time Nate joined her in their midnight adventure. Dozing in and out of broken sleep I was dreading the first rays of dawn…

The day did however unfold in the most gentle way. Em rushed off to write an exam and Kadin had to go to a 2 hour violin rehearsal, Amber-Mai fell asleep and Nate lay relaxing on the couch.

Nate not up to doing anything today.

Poor girl – not even a clean sheet left for her to sleep on.

So suddenly I, Mom of 6, found myself alone with the twins. Interestingly they had decided to pretend they were going to school for the day and were needing a snack for their lunch boxes. So we grabbed the moment and the 3 of us quickly cooked up a storm! What a special time it was cooking alongside these special girls – with no interruptions! We made the most delicious fudge-choc biscuits and they designed their own colourful treats.

While we measured and mixed I managed to squeeze in an impromptu “lesson” on how to work out half and quarter cups. They were fascinated that 2 halves really filled the 1 cup and that 2 quarters made a half etc… We then mixed only red, yellow and blue dough before I had to rush out to fetch Kadin and they were left to create orange, purple and green dough. Hmm, suppose that counts for art ūüėČ

The twins then had the most delightful picnic outside in the fresh spring sun – with their “school” lunch boxes – while I dashed around sorting lunch and other children needing me again.

Nate looking for something to do sat reading a whole reader and listened to Vivaldi’s Ring of Mystery – before he fell asleep too. The day was spent juggling medicine, dry toast, meals and snacks for my healthy kids, saving cookies from the hot oven, rushing to extra-murals, checking temps and yet the day was one of the most peaceful we have encountered in ages. We did so many things we never get around to doing – the boy even played a board game together this afternoon.

Maybe it was because all else – outside the home – had to fade away and I was forced to focused purely on the immediate needs of my family.

Life Celebration Tea Party

After our scare with the twins being so sick we decided to take a restock of our days and spend some time together just enjoying life. So we had a Life Celebration Tea Party!

Firstly we popped over to se7en (a most amazing and inspiring site) and made a batch of their basic cookies. The most basic and most versatile mixture that was SO yummy Р(we actually made a double batch and froze it for another day)

We then scooped and mixed….

Then we cut stars and hearts…

Added icing and sprinkles….

and then had to scrub that table clean!!!

Hearing thunder and realising a storm would spoil our picnic our Maidens dashed outside to gather flowers to put on the mat indoors.
We quickly whipped up some homemade apple juice and orange and carrot juice, set the tray Рwe had to now add some sarmies as it was lunch time and the knights were ravenous, Рand settled down for a picnic tea (in the lounge) to the sounds of thunder and pouring rain.
What smiles and giggles and life filled the room and Lady Mom said,
“All is well with my soul!”

Don’t forget to pop over to se7en to find out more¬†exciting¬†ways¬†to use this great basic¬†recipe!

Baking Basics

 My tip for today is take time this week to bake with your 

little ones. This is such a fun, rewarding experience from which your children will learn so much. I’ve learned I need to be emotionally and physically prepared to take on such a task.

Take out all the ingredients before, go through the recipe and have everything ready when they come in. Often good to do after a nap time. I usually pretty much strip them down as skin is easier to clean than clothes. Choose something family basic, that won’t take too long. A tip on breaking eggs. Put a mug on a plate and then if they miss the mug it generally land on the plate and can still be used. I’ve had to relax a great deal and realise that egg shells may go in and they may spill the milk but that’s all part of learning. Besides developing hand eye co-ordination, new vocabulary – as you’ll be talking to them about everything that’s happening, experiencing different textures and tastes they’ll also be learning how to cope in stressful situations.

If you loose it and blow up over some spilled milk they will also blow up at their brother for bumping them at dinner. If you show understanding and compassion they will more than likely not be so quick tempered.

Baking is fantastic as your child sees you reading and sees a need to learn to read. They are introduced to numeracy and “maths talk.” Eventually you can draw pictures to represent the recipe and they can “read” to you what to do. Enjoy this time and then sit down and have a family tea time. You may even be inspired to read them some poetry while you have tea. But that’s another blog…

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