7 Kids – Are you Nuts?

Birthing your sixth child is not something one does regularly.  It’s not something to which many people can relate or something that people happily accept. It is rather something of an enigma, a point of discussion and debate. Something beyond our comfort realm that reaches into the corners of morality, ethics, philosophy and religion.

Realising I may yet again be pregnant was something that I would not, could not let take hold of my reality. The faintest suspicion was expelled to the furthest corners of my consciousness.  Honestly – who has 6 babies and in our case this in total amounts to 7 children!  Who does that sort of thing and why??

Well I can tell you this – not us!

Yes we can be a bit extreme… We try to eat organic food,  we don’t have a TV, we homeschool our children but so do lots of other people. But 7 children – um no!  I mean we discussed this at our pre-marriage sessions – “how many children… “I’m pretty sure that was thrown in there along next to working out a budget, which side of the bed you sleep on and how you going to choose where to spend Christmas. I’m not sure what we decided then but I do know the answer was not 7! We could have pushed 3. But 7 was never part of the reality,  the plan or what we imagined to be our life.  Yet here we are today holding the miracle of our 6th baby!

So why have another baby, why choose to wander along this path less traveled, why take on all this controversy when you can choose not to?

Well as I lie here looking at this 6th little baba…  reflecting upon the last 12 years…  What has been and what could have been…. all I hear wafting through my thoughts are the words of the old hymn writer, “This is my story, this is my song, Praising my Savior all the day long..'”

Having 6 babies doesn’t boil down to a debate at to whether this is the right or wrong way to live or if having a big family is a good or bad thing – instead it simply boils down to that this is Our Story, Our Song – our path that needs to lead to none other than simple daily praise of our Savior.

As with all stories and songs they have good parts and bad parts, pieces that flow in perfect harmony as well as discord and sadness. Parts are often clear, perfect and beautiful but other times they are murky and ugly. So why 6 babies? Honestly – I can’t give an answer –  instead all I can say is that this baby girl is an integral part of our story and song, which exists for no other purpose than to sing praise to our “Saviour all the day long.”

Gone is the head light terror that wrapped itself upon my soul at the realisation of yet another little person.  The fear of family and society,  the fear of finance, the fear of health and well being have all faded into simplistic, undiluted awe.  An awe beyond our wildest dreams.  An awe in which another little treasure has mysteriously found her way into this world.  A baby girl that brings with her our next chapter but also her own story and song.  One of which is still to be written but we have already seen the prelude to.  What an honour,  what a privilege to be apart of this tapestry that so often looks messy and incomplete. A jumble of confusion filled with dirty clothes and dishes,  left over toast, arguing children,  burnt supper and frazzled patents  –  and yet each of these threads are pulling together. The radiant happy yellow, the fear of red, trouble of brown, glow of pink rosiness – becoming intertwined, wrapped together,  creating one picture on one page in the story of our world, a page dedicated to our family,  our story and our song.  Stepping back only then does one see just how clearly, altogether the patterns intertwine into something that will sing the praise of our Savior all the day long.

So yes 7 children it is! Not planned but instead predestined by the master designer.  A plan bigger than ourselves,  stretched beyond our intentions or expectations, a plan marked out before our conception. So this may seem messy and unrehearsed. Filled with moments of hysterical laughter and blistered feet.  But walk with us as we live this story and song that is being written not by us by one who holds the script close to His heart, revealing to us only one scene at a time….

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