At last!! We’re 6!!

Oh my for so long we have counted the months, weeks and days and finally Joy-Summer and Lily-Grace can tell the world that they are 6! With their birthday right in the middle of December we decided to have their Princess Party in mid-November.

It was a simple party, they made princess paper dolls, iced biscuits, had to ward of brother dragon who stole the party packs and then they had a real tea-party! They did however savor every moment and it was a roaring success.

This last week however the “real birthday” arrived. True to tradition they woke to find the breakfast table set and they a breakfast treat awaiting. This time it was waffles and ice-cream!!The excitement of opening presents was however too much and so little was eaten – for a change!

We then all got ready to head off to Butterflies For Africa for the day. We had organised to meet up with granny and grandpa there so we had a full day ahead… Browsing their little butterfly shop is a treat in its self but spending the morning holding butterflies and searching for little caterpillars was so special. The girls were in their element!

They fed the fish and stoked the stick insects -aagh! A picnic was in order during lunch time. Oh and did these little princesses eat!! – before heading back into the butterfly house yet again. By 3pm we bundled 5 dirty,full and happy little people into the car to head home. It was such special day and, “Yes, NOW you can tell everyone that you are 6!!!”

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Native American Party

What an epic week we have had. How did we ever manage to have a four year age gap between our boys and then have end up with their birthdays being a day apart!

One of our highlights of all our parties is that they always have a theme. This year was more difficult as Raine turned 10 – so moving out of the kid stuff, whilst Reid being just 6 is still into any thing that involves cake, face paint and friends.


The Native American idea worked well as firstly we have been learning about them in our school work and Reid has just spent a term at music where America has been the focus. So the boys had a bit of back ground and this type of party also involved lots of activity and running around – always good when there is sugar involved!

The party “plan” was fairly basic. Boys were split into 2 tribes (older and younger), Raine and Reid were made the chiefs – by being presented with feathered headdresses that Lady Mom had made for them. Raine has now decided that he needs to wear it whenever he’s with his friends as it made them listen to him. How funny – maybe Mom should get one too!

The boys began by needing to build a wigwam in their teams, they then had to make their own headdress with feathers on a trip of paper, paint their faces and make a tribal band from fruitloops. This done they needed to shoot some balloons with a bow and arrow. They then progressed onto making a fire. Once the fire was made they were able to cook their sausages for lunch.

The party worked out to be a fairly great balance as the older boys were not too keen on the fruitloops and headdresses – whereas the little ones were. However the older boys spent ages building their fire and collecting more and more dry sticks to make it bigger and bigger – whilst the younger boys didn’t enjoy the smoke and moved off to other activities.

Due to the big age gap we always have extra siblings hanging around at parties so this year we decided to have a family braai for anyone who wanted to stay. Therefore once the boys had finished their challenges and had eaten to their full they spent the afternoon shooting arrows, sliding on the bank with boxes and playing soccer. It was so great to have the families there as it meant a number of dads stayed to help make arrows, build fires and to generally see no one got hurt.

We are not mad on sugar highs so we simply gave each child a small party pack with some chips, 4 sweets and 4 biscuits. Each child then had a sausage roll for lunch and we had ice-cream, jelly and birthday cake for pudding.

The Birthday Cake

At the last minute we realised that on the day of the party it was a year previously that we had moved to our new town and as we stood around with all these amazing people it was not simply a celebration of the boys’ birthdays but a celebration of God has done in our lives and all these wonderful people we now call our friends!

The day was filled with fun and laughter and much to Lady Mom’s relief no one was hurt with flying arrows! This party was also so special as it involved the Dads and will be a memorable day for the whole family.

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