Our Story Our Song Day 19 – History and Music

Tuesday 28 Feb 

FC Georgio (1998)Today we had a fun family day exploring the Southern Suburbs. We went up to Rhodes memorial and read all about Cecil John Rhodes. After a quick sarmie picnic we hurried back to the flat-let we were staying in so that Kadin could get ready for his first violin lesson at Beau Soleil. Kadin having this opportunity is one that he has waited for since he was 2 years old so this is a very significant moment for us all. He loved his lesson. He was invited to play with the orchestra so we quickly hurried home and he had half an hour to practice the pieces. He is so excited as there is a concert in 2 weeks time. Even once he was home the music didn’t stop. Gabi – with whom we were staying with – organised for another old homeschooler friend to pop in and play violin with Kadin while she played the piano or harp. After which Kadin plopped into bed at 10:30 exhausted – but oh so happy!



This is Our Story This is Our Song Day 1

2017-02-10 12.16.48

This is my Story this is my song – praising my saviour all the day long. Silently the house sleeps as I pen my thought about today. But today didn’t start at 4:30 am this morning when I silently crept through to find my cup of tea and tin of biscuits. Biscuits made with the deepest love of a friend knowing how much they will speak to my heart in this crazy time we are stepping into….. No, this morning started many, many years ago. You see the day I was born my story begun and the day Neil was born his story begun. A great deal of which is lost in memory and a great deal I would like to choose to forget. The truth however is that we cannot sugar coat, rewrite or deny our story because it is being sung every day and once a story is sung it is out there for the world to see and share.Our stories are however made up of different books and chapters and right now we are writing one of the most interesting books of our life.

For about 18 months God has been speaking to us about going and walking in what he calls us to do. This has been through many dreams, prophesies, words and such. As I have time and I feel they are relevant I will share some of these profound truths God has stored up in our hearts. We didn’t quite however see what this was building up to until suddenly – here we are…… packing up on a 3 month road trip across South Africa.

You see this was not what we planned – actually nothing that has happened in the last 2 years is what we planned. Two years ago we bought our dream home and as I stood, teared up, I couldn’t believe God had given us the opportunity to live in such a beautiful home. My heart was so full. At this time our 7th child was born and so many people questioned and commented that that was when the words – This is my story, This is my song began to play in my mind. With full hearts we planned to live in our new home forever….. Continue reading

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