Our Story Our Song Day 27 – Living Hope

Monday 6 March and Thursday 9 March

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Today was a special day as we were finally able to go and work at Living Hope. We had a wonderful morning helping out on the farm. It is a lovely concept whereby Living Hope uses a farm to teach people how to run a business whilst teaching them how to grow their own food. It was really great meeting new people and hearing their story and their songs.

The little people really enjoyed spending time with the farm animals. The day was however fairly hot and we were slightly frustrated in that we were not able to help much with the two little people attached to us. We headed out at lunch time and found a beautiful spot under some trees near Kommetjie beach. After lunch we joined in with the kids club which is run in one of the poorer areas.

The idea being that many homes are unsafe and children don’t always have food so the children can spend their afternoon there and then take a warm meal home with them. We played outside with some of the children for a while whilst we waited for the kids club to start. As 2:30pm they began to play very loud music and children began to arrive from all over. They then played some games outside before moving inside for some songs and stories. It was a well organised program and the children all loved it. We did however find it very very loud and overwhelming for most of our children. As we realised things were about to fall apart we decided to leave for the program ended. It was a busy but good day.

During the day we had met a lovely American missionary family who invited us to have supper with them. It was a quick meal with little people needing to head home but been a great opportunity to quickly connect with other people and to hear a part of their story and their song. We have found this tapestry of God’s family to be something so beautiful that we can meet with strangers and without awkwardness or fear we can embrace on another and spur each other on in our journeys we’ve each been called to run.

On Thurs day we return to Living Hope and once again helped pack and pick veggies on the farm. We had spoken at length about the children’s club and realised that they had so many volunteers there that there wasn’t really much for us to do except watch others volunteer. So we rather went and helped prepare the food for the children. But even here we realised that there were already so many volunteers that we were more in the way than a help…..

Seeking God’s will

It was time for us to seek our father and hear what it is that he wanted us to do. To keep going to Living Hope (where they were already flooded with volunteers) or to seek h20170306_143708is will in other areas……

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