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Fruit Platter

Last weekend I once again had my life challenged and need to once again readjust mindsets and expectations. Suppose that is what makes life so exciting – it’s a journey that just keeps us growing and learning more and more.

Last year was a wreck of a year for us – owing to many hard circumstances we found ourselves trapped in a survival mode. Whereas before I had spent much time ensuring our family ate well and had healthy meals I had lapsed into buying cheap, unhealthy shop bread, smothered with whatever spread we could find. We had always made our own juice but now my children were drinking thick, sticky jungle juice that smelt of chemicals. Deep in my mind I knew we’d need to address this but I was just not in the place to do so.

Over the past few months we have again ensured that the kitchen is filled with fruit and vegetables so that the children can fill up on bananas, apples and carrots. I have however been acutely aware that our protein intake has been lacking and that we have been eating far too much bread and processed foods.

When I heard about a health day being run at the Oikos Farm and knew that the time was right. This was such an encouraging day and I came home feeling inspired and encouraged to make the changes necessarily. What I found most encouraging was that unlike many health talks they did not insist on us going completely raw or absolutely no sugar or cakes or only organic. It was clear that these are fundamental but just as important we need to consider we are sourcing our products from.

For example bread and flour – in moderation – are not bad. However the flour we are using has been processed in such a way that it can cause great harm to our bodies. Sugar in moderation is fine too – if it is brown sugar bought directly from the mill before it has been processed and bleached. Yogurt is also fantastic – but make your own.

This does sound like a great deal of work and effort but when one considers the hardships that cancer and illness brings it
inspires one to go the extra mile.

We have spent this week looking at what we are using and are slowly weeding out the bad and replacing it with the good. So many adjustments have been smooth and easy whilst others will be more challenging. It is my heart to share this journey – the ups and the downs – with you with the hope that you will be inspired and motivated to look at your family and see how you too can benefit from these changes in your lifestyle.

As I said life is a journey, one that we never quite get perfect or reach a final destination, instead we just keep learning and growing. So please drop in again soon and join the ride.

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Life Celebration Tea Party

After our scare with the twins being so sick we decided to take a restock of our days and spend some time together just enjoying life. So we had a Life Celebration Tea Party!

Firstly we popped over to se7en (a most amazing and inspiring site) and made a batch of their basic cookies. The most basic and most versatile mixture that was SO yummy – (we actually made a double batch and froze it for another day)

We then scooped and mixed….

Then we cut stars and hearts…

Added icing and sprinkles….

and then had to scrub that table clean!!!

Hearing thunder and realising a storm would spoil our picnic our Maidens dashed outside to gather flowers to put on the mat indoors.
We quickly whipped up some homemade apple juice and orange and carrot juice, set the tray – we had to now add some sarmies as it was lunch time and the knights were ravenous, – and settled down for a picnic tea (in the lounge) to the sounds of thunder and pouring rain.
What smiles and giggles and life filled the room and Lady Mom said,
“All is well with my soul!”

Don’t forget to pop over to se7en to find out more exciting ways to use this great basic recipe!

Teatime Learning

Teatime (10am and 3pm) are to never be missed in our house. We generally try to eat fruit in the morning and then a biscuit or treat in the afternoon. Teatime opens huge learning opportunities. Sometimes I’ll cut fruit into little, bitty pieces  and put them into  a bowl with some syrup and coconut. Each child is then given a toothpick – with the sharp end cut off – to eat their snack with. This is great for hand-eye coordination, sequencing and fine motor development. 

Other times we ice marries biscuits. I usually give them 2 primary colours of icing as this lends to colour mixing discoveries. Icing biscuit also develops fine motor skills.

On sunny afternoons we may pack our tea-time onto a tray and I’ll read poetry while they snack – I find that when their mouths are working their ears tend to stay more focused.

They are also more capable of listening to longer texts, without needing pictures to keep their attention. They may not understand it all but they are hearing the ebb and flow of good literature. The children often help prepare tea-time as the baking and making involves so much learning in itself.

Homemade Fruit Juice

Whilst getting ready for a tea party with our Maidens we realised we were fresh out of juice so for the first time in ages we made our own.

We had forgotten just, how easy, refreshing and yummy this juice is.

Firstly we made some Apple Juice – we just washed and chopped apples and put them in the juicer. We then strained the Apple Juice with a coffee filter in funnel to take all the foam off the top

Secondly we made some Carrot and Orange Juice. Our courtiers tend to find the carrot juice too sweet on its own so the orange juice added a great twank. We simply peeled and sliced and viola juice was ready.

For more great raw juicing recipies visit

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