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Raw Banana Ice-Cream

Once we found out that our one son was allergic to milk ice-cream had to go ūüôĀ At first this was very hard – especially on special occasions! One day a friend introduced us to banana ice-cream.¬†This simply involves freezing … Continue reading

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Cold Cure

Our 4yr old has moaned of a sore throat over¬†the last few days and as we really busy at the moment and¬†going to a doctor isn’t even an option. So we pulled out the old faithfuls and today his back … Continue reading

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Yummy Raw Food

Raw eating is a fairly concept we stumbled upon two years ago and it makes so much sense! Think about it we are living beings and we keep feeding our bodies dead food and wonder why we feel sluggish and … Continue reading

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You Are What You Eat

When our first son was born and was given normal squeeze juice at about the age of 2years his eyes dilated, he looked straight through me and literally began jumping off the furniture. I’ve always enjoyed a good meal and … Continue reading

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Dairy Alert

I’ve always thought of moms with allergy children as just being hyper and over protective. As I had never experienced allergy reactions myself I agreed that certain products reacted to certain people but¬†this wheat, dairy allergy talk was just¬†too much … Continue reading

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Exercise Today

We are¬†realising more and more how important physical exercise is for children and adults alike. In our modern, indoor, lifestyle it‚Äôs often easy to make excuses and stay snuggled up in front of the TV. We just spent a week … Continue reading

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Homemade Fruit Juice

Whilst getting ready for a tea party with¬†our Maidens we realised we were fresh out of juice¬†so for the first¬†time in ages we made our own. We had forgotten just, how easy, refreshing¬†and yummy this juice is. Firstly we made … Continue reading

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