Raw Banana Ice-Cream

Once we found out that our one son was allergic to milk ice-cream had to go ūüôĀ At first this was very hard – especially on special occasions! One day a friend introduced us to banana ice-cream.¬†This simply involves freezing ripe – but not over ripe bananas. You peel them, swish them in lemon juice and freeze them. This is a job the¬†kids love to do. Besides being fun it helps develop their preschool hand-eye coordination,¬†sorting¬†and¬†sequencing skills.¬†Then when you want ice cream simply place the frozen bananas in a blender – we find our handheld¬†Braun mixer works the best. You just need to eat it quickly as it tends to melt.

The kids love it and we’ve even used it in cones! Then again if you don’t feel like blending the bananas the kids also really enjoy munching on a frozen banana on a hot day! (For a treat you can dip the ends in melted cooking chocolate and refreeze) Yum, yum!

For those trying to go even healthier you can make your own coconut¬†oil chocolate then it’s truly healthy and you can just keep eating!

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Cold Cure

Our 4yr old has moaned of a sore throat over¬†the last few days and as we really busy at the moment and¬†going to a doctor isn’t even an option. So we pulled out the old faithfuls and today his back to his busy self!

Here’s the trick – and it hardly costs anything!
Mix: 1/2 tsp salt & 1/2 tsp bicarb of soda in a mug.
Add a little boiling water so it fizzes, fill mug with cool water.
Every time you pass the bathroom (day and night) gargle with the mix AND here’s the crunch use a syringe to¬†squirt a few drops up the sick ones nose 3 times a day! Within a day you should be feeling better.


Secondly¬†add a big spoon of honey to some lemon juice and add to some boiling water (the stronger and hotter the better) for small children it’ll have to be cool but try keep it strong if possible. This helps the kill bugs.

Please note that if sickness persisits you do need to contact your doctor.



Yummy Raw Food

Raw eating is a fairly concept we stumbled upon two years ago and it makes so much sense! Think about it we are living beings and we keep feeding our bodies dead food and wonder why we feel sluggish and not able to reach our full potential.

If however you eat raw fruit and veggies, their living goodness is immediately transferred to your cells and can start reproducing living, energised cells. It’s obviously not possible to eat only raw food but we’ve been amazed at how much we can add to our diet. The easiest being salads. We try to grow our own veggies so that there are no chemicals sprayed on them. Potatoes and carrots however we need to buy as we go through these so quickly that we could never keep up!  

We’ve juggled with the idea of organic vs non-organic and have realised that although organic is¬†obviously¬†better we simply can’t afford it at the moment. This resulting in that if we went organic we’d more likely give up on the raw food idea as we wouldn’t be able to sustain it. So our mantra for this season is that “non-organic and raw is better than commercially cooked.”

We can’t be controlled by these¬†aspects¬†of life and ruled by them but instead let them work for us personally.

Some other ideas are to:

  • Cook brown rice and add grated carrots, beetroots, some lemon and seeds.
  • Grated or chopped carrots with¬†raisins¬†and coconut.

www.hacres.com has many more amazing ideas!


You Are What You Eat

When our first son was born and was given normal squeeze juice at about the age of 2years his eyes dilated, he looked straight through me and literally began jumping off the furniture.

I’ve always enjoyed a good meal and shrugged off health fanatics. “Life’s short, enjoy what you can.” I simply thought that as I don’t smoke and drink and I do some exercise ‚Äď sometimes –¬†¬†there was seriously not need to worry. Yet seeing this behaviour made me begin to think….
This set us on an amazing journey of discovery. Discovery about food, preservatives, what we eat, how we prepare it and how this all influences who we are and how we behave. Healthy Habits is aimed at sharing some of this journey with you.

Dairy Alert

I’ve always thought of moms with allergy children as just being hyper and over protective. As I had never experienced allergy reactions myself I agreed that certain products reacted to certain people but¬†this wheat, dairy allergy talk was just¬†too much for me to accept. I mean we have all lived on milk and bread for centuries so why now would it cause so many problems?

That was all before our second son was born.¬†When he arrived we were suddenly thrust into months of crying and crying, rashes, speech problems and a very irritable little boy. When I noticed at 3 months that he was developing eczema I decided that I would just try put him on a dairy free milk powder. What do you know within 24 hours he had stopped crying and all his milestones were suddenly on par – he wasn’t yet smiling, lifting his head properly etc…. and suddenly he was a different child.

For 18 months we kept him off milk then I just let it slip
back into his diet. Hmmm a runny tummy, moods, crying and by 3yrs still hardly any speech? Rice milk was suggested and once the family tasted this they all wanted it so we were suddenly dairy free. Within no time he was such a happy boy, his tummy was working well and his speech development soared! So needless to say we’ve stayed dairy free.

We eat fish and raw veggies¬†to replace the nutrients we loose from the lack of dairy. Although no one else¬†has an allergy they all so enjoy the rice milk and by only adding 2 teaspoons to a cup of tea instead of their recommended amount a 1kg packet lasts our family of 7 a week and a half so we have saved on the cost as well and haven’t looked back! Just makes you wonder though how much we really reacting to different foods butr we just used to it so we don’t notice!

Exercise Today

We are¬†realising more and more how important physical exercise is for children and adults alike. In our modern, indoor, lifestyle it‚Äôs often easy to make excuses and stay snuggled up in front of the TV. We just spent a week in the Drakensberg and part of the plan was to do lots of walking ‚Äď but it rained! Hmm, no TV here, 5 kids in a tent, rain coats or not walks here we come!

We could have let the lack of raincoats stop us from enjoying our walks in the mountains on rainy days BUT we didn’t. We had taken black plastic bags with us and put these to great use. We cut a small hole in the bottom as a head hole and a hole at each bottom corner or arm holes. We needed to tie it up a bit but it kept most of their bodies dry. (Just remember to throw the bag away afterwards as you don’t want you little ones playing with it when you not around.) We found so many exciting creatures  that we would have missed if we had let the rain keep us at bay!

So as we step into this new year let’s think of solutions rather than excuses for not exercising!


Homemade Fruit Juice

Whilst getting ready for a tea party with our Maidens we realised we were fresh out of juice so for the first time in ages we made our own.

We had forgotten just, how easy, refreshing and yummy this juice is.

Firstly we made some Apple Juice – we just washed and chopped apples and put them in the juicer. We then strained the Apple Juice with a coffee filter in funnel to take all the foam off the top

Secondly we made some Carrot and Orange Juice. Our courtiers tend to find the carrot juice too sweet on its own so the orange juice added a great twank. We simply peeled and sliced and viola juice was ready.

For more great raw juicing recipies visit www.juicerrecipesnow.com

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