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Raising Little – Big People

What a privilege it is to be a Mommy and be able to daily watch our little people grow from scrunched bundles of pink to dirty toddlers into lanky teenagers and beyond….. As we navigate this uncharted territory with each … Continue reading

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A Wintery day…

So the last month has been once of the craziest ever. About 5 weeks ago Kadin underwent a huge chest operation. It was far from home and the kids had to stay with my folks while I was at the … Continue reading

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Parenting For Eternity

Someone recently posted a blog asking parents how they discipline, train and disciple their children. So many answers, so many opinions, so many philosophies – most totally contradicting one another – my head was swimming! So how do we know … Continue reading

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Cedar Wood

At the beginning of 2013 God led us to begin a homeschool facilitation centre. This has been a most awesome privilege and adventure to embark upon! We started out with my 4 and just 2 others last year and are … Continue reading

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Creativity Feeds Off Life Experience

One of the most frustrating experiences, as an educator is when you are trying to encourage creativity and imagination and the children are simply not engaging with you. The first few times one goes home and relooks at the lesson … Continue reading

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Free to Choose

What is it that all humans crave, strive for and will die for? Freedom. ¬†Freedom to be ourselves, freedom to make our own choices and to have the right to be who we are. Freedom is a powerful concept and … Continue reading

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Household Helpers

Ever wonder what the easiest way to stimulate a little ones hand-eye coordination as well as their attention span? Well one of the best tricks is to get your child to do whatever you are busy doing! Try include them … Continue reading

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Being Mom Redefined

When I stepped into maternity leave with our first child I boldly claimed I knew what Being Mom was all about: Discipline, education and preparing a child for their future and their place in the world. I valued outstanding report … Continue reading

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Why Do We Keep Doing This?

If we stop and take a look at what being Mommy is really all about and what financial payment we receive we should conclude that it’s totally ludicrous for us to keep this post. However day in and day out … Continue reading

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Spring Celebration

As a new mom I remember reading Sally Clarkson’s book Mission of Motherhood. One of the family aspects that stood out for me was her thoughts on celebrations. We not talking about Christmas or Easter here but rather everyday celebrations. … Continue reading

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