Toddler Meltdown Snack

I am sure you can relate at just how often one of our little people has begun to fall apart just that bit earlier than expected.

They are suddenly oh so tired and ready to sleep but supper isn’t ready or they are just too tired to eat BUT oh the horrors if they fall asleep with an empty tummy and then wake in the middle of the night starving.

Over the years this simple meal has saved many a crazy moment.

All children love custard – so we came up with the idea of using custard powder and milk then throw in an egg and keep whisking while it cooks, serve with a drizzle of honey to entice your tired little person into eating. Within minuets you have a nutritious (dairy and egg) tummy filling snack made.

Once they taste this yummy easy to eat snack – yes I often have to sit with them on my lap and shovel it in – they happily eat it all and with full warm tummies, they snuggle down for a good night sleep. And that means a good night sleep for mommy and daddy too!


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