Native American Party

What an epic week we have had. How did we ever manage to have a four year age gap between our boys and then have end up with their birthdays being a day apart!

One of our highlights of all our parties is that they always have a theme. This year was more difficult as Raine turned 10 – so moving out of the kid stuff, whilst Reid being just 6 is still into any thing that involves cake, face paint and friends.


The Native American idea worked well as firstly we have been learning about them in our school work and Reid has just spent a term at music where America has been the focus. So the boys had a bit of back ground and this type of party also involved lots of activity and running around – always good when there is sugar involved!

The party “plan” was fairly basic. Boys were split into 2 tribes (older and younger), Raine and Reid were made the chiefs – by being presented with feathered headdresses that Lady Mom had made for them. Raine has now decided that he needs to wear it whenever he’s with his friends as it made them listen to him. How funny – maybe Mom should get one too!

The boys began by needing to build a wigwam in their teams, they then had to make their own headdress with feathers on a trip of paper, paint their faces and make a tribal band from fruitloops. This done they needed to shoot some balloons with a bow and arrow. They then progressed onto making a fire. Once the fire was made they were able to cook their sausages for lunch.

The party worked out to be a fairly great balance as the older boys were not too keen on the fruitloops and headdresses – whereas the little ones were. However the older boys spent ages building their fire and collecting more and more dry sticks to make it bigger and bigger – whilst the younger boys didn’t enjoy the smoke and moved off to other activities.

Due to the big age gap we always have extra siblings hanging around at parties so this year we decided to have a family braai for anyone who wanted to stay. Therefore once the boys had finished their challenges and had eaten to their full they spent the afternoon shooting arrows, sliding on the bank with boxes and playing soccer. It was so great to have the families there as it meant a number of dads stayed to help make arrows, build fires and to generally see no one got hurt.

We are not mad on sugar highs so we simply gave each child a small party pack with some chips, 4 sweets and 4 biscuits. Each child then had a sausage roll for lunch and we had ice-cream, jelly and birthday cake for pudding.

The Birthday Cake

At the last minute we realised that on the day of the party it was a year previously that we had moved to our new town and as we stood around with all these amazing people it was not simply a celebration of the boys’ birthdays but a celebration of God has done in our lives and all these wonderful people we now call our friends!

The day was filled with fun and laughter and much to Lady Mom’s relief no one was hurt with flying arrows! This party was also so special as it involved the Dads and will be a memorable day for the whole family.

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“Party On Mommy”

It’s 1:25pm and the party starts at 2pm. I still need to find my children let alone get them dressed, ready and spick and span for a Bob the Builder party starting in 35 minutes. Why does this always happen? I’ve known for two weeks that today at 2pm we had to be there, yet once again here we are trying to get ready – no wait I still haven’t found anyone to get ready.

Right one childwas playing rugby, another picking flowers and the other two were in the mulberry tree. (During which time they seemed to have lost most of their clothing) Note to self: Find missing clothes in the garden before it gets dark….   Right the eldest is going to a friend he’s got a jersey, forget the shoes – check – he can start locking the house and garage and strapping the others in the car. Surely he should be able to take the car out by now. Oh yes he’s still only 9, but maybe we should measure his legs sometime soon… focus – Mommy –  focus we have a party to get to.

Ok the twins are also going to play at friends – “No you can’t wear my 30 year old ballet tu-tu to go climb trees!” After we’ve searched through the entire wardrobe for an item of clothing a 3 year old and I can agree on I give up and turn once more to the dress up box. Fine, she can wear the frilly red dress marked 18-24 months. No it doesn’t button up but it does cover her pants – well enough to be with girls for the afternoon.

The present aaah… yes I did buy it, I was really organised I bought it last week… but… where did I put it? hhmmm A card!!!!

Breath … in …. out…. “Right someone make a card PLEASE.”

Ok almost there! “Girls go get in the car – no wait let’s brush your hair and aaaah – look at me … mulberry everywhere.” After much protesting their faces are fine, maybe no one will look at their feet!

Suddenly my 5 year old appears – “Mom I need the loo.” Oh my I’d forgotten all about him – the one going to the party! What a joke. He’s covered in mulberry, his legs are so muddied that they are actually brown and here he sits like a lord on the loo whilst the clock ticks!

Slowly I take a cloth and wipe his grubby face – at least they’ll know who he is when he arrives. (Even if the don’t recognise his legs.)

At this point an image floats into my mind. One long forgotten – an image of arriving at a friends party when I was probably 5. The entire day had been spent sitting around waiting to go to the party. We had bathed and washed our hair. Our hair then was brushed and had pretty clips and bobbles adoring it.  I had my favourite dress on. It was long and pink and had a petticoat and when I spun it twirled. The gift was wrapped beautifully and the purchased card sat perfectly in place. As we arrived I felt like a princess floating into a royal ball. How our mommies did it I’ll never know.

As I finally herd my mottly crew into the car and lock the house I think that at least once we arrive I can sit down and enjoy my desperately deserved cup of tea.  It’s then that I notice that although the kids are dressed – albeit nothing like royalty – and are all strapped in the car, my 5 year old clutching his proudly home created card – that Mommy doesn’t have a clue as to whether she brushed her hair or looked in a mirror herself and she definitely has no shoes.

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