Raw Banana Ice-Cream

Once we found out that our one son was allergic to milk ice-cream had to go ūüôĀ At first this was very hard – especially on special occasions! One day a friend introduced us to banana ice-cream.¬†This simply involves freezing ripe – but not over ripe bananas. You peel them, swish them in lemon juice and freeze them. This is a job the¬†kids love to do. Besides being fun it helps develop their preschool hand-eye coordination,¬†sorting¬†and¬†sequencing skills.¬†Then when you want ice cream simply place the frozen bananas in a blender – we find our handheld¬†Braun mixer works the best. You just need to eat it quickly as it tends to melt.

The kids love it and we’ve even used it in cones! Then again if you don’t feel like blending the bananas the kids also really enjoy munching on a frozen banana on a hot day! (For a treat you can dip the ends in melted cooking chocolate and refreeze) Yum, yum!

For those trying to go even healthier you can make your own coconut¬†oil chocolate then it’s truly healthy and you can just keep eating!

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Teatime Learning

Teatime (10am and 3pm) are to never be missed in our house. We generally try to eat fruit in the morning and then a¬†biscuit¬†or treat in the afternoon. Teatime opens huge learning opportunities. Sometimes I‚Äôll cut fruit into little, bitty pieces¬†¬†and put them into¬†¬†a bowl with some syrup and coconut. Each child is then given a toothpick ‚Äď with the sharp end cut off ‚Äď to eat their snack with. This is great for hand-eye coordination, sequencing and fine motor development.¬†

Other times we ice marries biscuits. I usually give them 2 primary colours of icing as this lends to colour mixing discoveries. Icing biscuit also develops fine motor skills.

On sunny afternoons¬†we may pack our tea-time onto a tray and I‚Äôll read poetry while they snack ‚Äď I find that when their mouths are working their ears tend to stay more focused.

They are also more capable of listening to longer texts, without needing pictures to keep their attention. They may not understand it all but they are hearing the ebb and flow of good literature. The children often help prepare tea-time as the baking and making involves so much learning in itself.

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