Valuable Vocab

Isn’t it wonderful to hear someone use a large, colourful vocabulary. This is however not developed at the age of 20 but it begins in the preschool years. Take some time to write down some words you’d love your child to use in their speech and help them learn these. You can’t however sit them down and drum the new words into their heads. Firstly you need to start using the new word – just do one at a time – and then when they use a similar you simply repeat the word you would like them to learn.
“Mom look at this nice butterfly.”
“Yes, it’s beautiful!”

Visiting a friend this week I noticed that her 7 year old was covered in scratches. I asked her what had happened to which she replied, “Oh, I fell into a thicket of thorns.” This wonderful explanation reminded me just how important it is to use “great” words when speaking to our children. When they learn to talk they can learn to say “the yellow bit of the egg.” Or just as easily learn to call it the “yolk.”

By extending their vocabulary they can more easily understand the world around them, access it and relate to it. By using baby talk we are in effect causing our children to have to learn to speak twice. Right from when they are tiny babies, instead of saying their nappy is “yucky” why not say it is “disgusting?”  We need to remember that children are simply little people and love to have the correct vocabulary to express themselves as well as to understand what others are saying. So the challenge for today is to use colourful, descriptive and exciting words with your child. Let us know how it goes….

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