Ssshhh Listen

We all live in such a busy society that we have very little time to just stop, look and listen. Yet it’s in these quiet moments that a child is able to ponder, which is so important for their overall physical, emotional, and spiritual development.

Often we think we need to create special moments for this to take place but instead we need to just grab moments when they arise. A lovely time to slip this “stopping” into our day is in the early evening, just as the sun is about to set. Take five minutes to crouch down, ask your child to close their eyes and whisper to your child to “Shhhh listen.” Then slowly whisper “what can you hear?” In a town they may hear the traffic heading home, boats hooting or someone yelling. Away from the city it maybe birds singing or leaves rustling. What they hear doesn’t matter – just that they hear it! This 5 minute activity stimulates all sorts of auditory skills in your child’s life. It helps develop their auditory discrimination, figure ground discrimination, constancy skills and analysis and synthesis skills. Our world is so full of visual stimulation that we often forget to just stop and listen. 

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