Counting Counters

It’s amazing how easy it is to include numeracy development into your daily life but it is also fun to sometimes do an activity – focusing on one specific concept. Here’s an easy to do and fun way to develop number concept.

Begin by writing out the numbers  1 to 5 on pieces of paper and the same number of squares under each number. Then give your child counters or whatever you choose to use – and they must count the number of squares and place that many counters on the blocks

You can then point to the written number and reinforce that that has the same meaning as the number of blocks – but don’t force this as at this point you are focusing on developing their number concept and learning to recognise the number symbol is incidental at this point. Let this remain a game and not a lesson and let your child lead in that they may add another dimension to it or choose to pack it away before you are but be encouraged learning is taking place all the time!

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