Sharks Board Outing

20160323_145308With Kadin in hospital recently we needed to do something special and differnt with the other childrenĀ – yet we didn’t want to leave Kadin on his own for long. So I was really excited when I remembered that the Sharks Board we situated across the road from the hospital. I remember going there as a child and I have vivid recollections of the demonstartion. The sights and smells are still so real today that it felt surreal that in such a fast changing world – there could be someting I could share with our children just as it was when I was a child. Amazing how nostalogic we become in our old age šŸ˜‰Ā Then again just as we loved to hear about things our parents did – in the old days, so our children like to hear about us in the old days and to have the opportubity to visit somewhere I went to as a little girl was just as exciting as teh outing itself.

20160323_14530020160323_150730And we were not disappointed. On arriving we bought our tickets and were ushered into a room to watch a movie on the history of sharlnets in Kwa-Zulu Natal. This was a really great opportunity for the children to see footage of the oldĀ beachfront as well as to apprciate how far technology and general developmentĀ has come and yet some things just stay the same as they are alreay working well – so why change them.

After this we went to watch a shark disection. This was really facinating – and just as smelly as I remember it to be. They found a baby shark in the stomach of the shark which means that would have been one of its last meals – before it was caught in the nets. After the talk we browsed the museum and shop before heading back to the hospital. The children learned so much from the hands on experience and it opened so many discussion points over the next few days. This has really created a special memory during a hard, chaotic week of our lives.

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