Breaking the Silence

Many may have wondered why I dropped off the end of the earth for the past few months? If so – sorry – but now I’m back. The reason for the silence:well it’s difficult to explain but sometimes there is just nothing to say.

Yes the last few months have been busy and interesting but yet I felt the deep need to just suddenly say nothing but to rather spend the time listening. Listening to other’s thoughts and advice, listening to what’s going on inside, listening to God, listening to the birds and trees. All the while searching what these voices are drawing us to and for what reason they are speaking so loudly – so much so – that I could not find it within myself write or blog or even see many other people.

So was it worth it – the silence?Oh yes, I’m feeling once again filled up. We have a new direction and anticipation for the year ahead. It has taken time to absorb and soak in the new adventures ahead but it was oh so good to see through the fog as to where we are heading.

So yes, there was a silence, but now it has been broken with great excitement and fervor to embrace and share the times ahead. So if you are keen to see what’s in store jump on and join the ride!

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