Science Club

Earlier this year we realised we were slacking in our science lessons – and as Dad is a scientist it made sense to start a science club. So every Tuesday afternoon we have a group of about 10 join us to do science. This has been fantastic as it ensures we get our science done but it also brings in a little extra cash which we then use to pay for our children to do other lessons.

We asked Lord Dad to write a little about the science club so you can hear straight from the scientist what it’s all about….

(To find our more about our Lord Dad and his fun science lessons visit his webpage at )

“Contrary to popular belief, science does not only happen in a laboratory with test tubes and microscopes – it happens everywhere. Science is about being able to explain why things happen, or don’t happen. It is about understanding our world, seeing things that amaze you and then making sense of what happened when you understand. Science is about life!

Science Club is a place where I get a chance to pass on my passion for the world of science. It is a place where science is relevant, practical and within reach to the young scientists who attend. It is a place where the equipment used for the experiments are things that are either in the house, or can be bought from a local shop. It is a place where concepts are explained in simple everyday language, but at the same time where important jargon and scientific terminology is used thus expanding the scientific vocabulary.

Each term consists of 9 science lessons with the final lesson being an opportunity for parents to come and see what their children have been learning and for the children to teach what they have learned to their parents and siblings.

My vision for the Club is to make science relevant and accessible and to see young people engaging with science and eventually being able to apply it to solve problems and make this world a better place to live in.

However – most importantly – it is about having fun!

Gloop Galore

This last week as part of our pre-school fun we made Gloop. A fantastic preschool (and big brother, teenage sister and mommy activity too)

Now gloop is an interesting substance and activity in that it can be used as a science activity or to explain concepts or it can be made just for fun!

To make gloop you mix cornflour / cornsatrch / mazina together then add some water to it. Now there is no exact amount to add but you want it to become like a dense milkshake. It basically seems runny on top but as you scoop it it thickens. We wanted to add colour to our and we found that the best way was to first add the colour to the water rather than to the cornflour itself.

We then gave each child their own bowl of gloop and some “tools” such as plastic knives, spoons, teaset cups and bowls.

I must say that I think this is the first time, ever, that our 3 little people have sat around a table together and not said a word for about 3 minutes! They tipped, scooped, dug, prodded, squeezed and explored.

Yes, it does make a mess but w efound that if we left it to dry completely most of it could be scraped up like chalk and stored for another day and what was left behind wiped off quite well.


Besides keeping everyone busy for a while, gloop is great for fine muscle development, colour mixing, science concepts, and great for building vocabulary.

So happy glooping!

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