Raw Banana Ice-Cream

Once we found out that our one son was allergic to milk ice-cream had to go ūüôĀ At first this was very hard – especially on special occasions! One day a friend introduced us to banana ice-cream.¬†This simply involves freezing ripe – but not over ripe bananas. You peel them, swish them in lemon juice and freeze them. This is a job the¬†kids love to do. Besides being fun it helps develop their preschool hand-eye coordination,¬†sorting¬†and¬†sequencing skills.¬†Then when you want ice cream simply place the frozen bananas in a blender – we find our handheld¬†Braun mixer works the best. You just need to eat it quickly as it tends to melt.

The kids love it and we’ve even used it in cones! Then again if you don’t feel like blending the bananas the kids also really enjoy munching on a frozen banana on a hot day! (For a treat you can dip the ends in melted cooking chocolate and refreeze) Yum, yum!

For those trying to go even healthier you can make your own coconut¬†oil chocolate then it’s truly healthy and you can just keep eating!

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Life Celebration Tea Party

After our scare with the twins being so sick we decided to take a restock of our days and spend some time together just enjoying life. So we had a Life Celebration Tea Party!

Firstly we popped over to se7en (a most amazing and inspiring site) and made a batch of their basic cookies. The most basic and most versatile mixture that was SO yummy Р(we actually made a double batch and froze it for another day)

We then scooped and mixed….

Then we cut stars and hearts…

Added icing and sprinkles….

and then had to scrub that table clean!!!

Hearing thunder and realising a storm would spoil our picnic our Maidens dashed outside to gather flowers to put on the mat indoors.
We quickly whipped up some homemade apple juice and orange and carrot juice, set the tray Рwe had to now add some sarmies as it was lunch time and the knights were ravenous, Рand settled down for a picnic tea (in the lounge) to the sounds of thunder and pouring rain.
What smiles and giggles and life filled the room and Lady Mom said,
“All is well with my soul!”

Don’t forget to pop over to se7en to find out more¬†exciting¬†ways¬†to use this great basic¬†recipe!

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