Our Turkish Trip

Mist early in the morning. Bolu province / Tur...

This year our homeschool journey has found us learning about the Jewish feasts and studying the Geography of the Holy Land. We have used Ann Voskamp’s book A Child’s Geography – Explore the Holy Land, and it has been an amazing journey so far. This remarkable book has allowed us to embark upon an amazing Turkish trip.

This imaginary Turkish trip has left me wishing that I could travel there today. Never before did I realise that Turkey was where Ephesus was or that Abraham has lived in Turkey or that this was where Mnt Ararat is. I think that  have learned and enjoyed this as much as the children.


We decided to finish our Turkish trip with a Turkish meal. We tried our hand at making Turkish delight – but it didn’t work too well, but kids still enjoyed the yummy goo we concocted.

We then prepared some flat Turkish bread


and tavuk sis kebabes that Lord Dad cooked on the braai / coals for us while

we made some yumurtah ispanak (spinage and egg) in the kitchen.

Once we were all ready we found a youtube video of some whirling dervishes and some Turkish music online and we settled around our table to share the joys and mysteries we had discovered on this most intriguing Turkish trip we had taken.


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