Our Story Our Song Day 15 – Unity

Friday 24 Feb 

As we are in the Southern Peninsula at the moment and it seemed20170224_124326
we’d be in Hout Bay next week we grabbed the opportunity to go for a drive along to the Cape Point – What Frances of Assisi named as “the fairest Cape in the world.” We were awed by the vast expanse of mountain and sea. One’s smallness is really amplified in a space so vast!

The glass blue waters and white sands whispered of another land. We honestly felt as if we had left South Africa and ventured into another country. As we reached the tip however we lost the awe of the Cape and were instead left in awe at the vastness of the number of people. The cars and people streamed in and out the parking lot, up and down the mountain, like ants teaming in their nest people scurried everywhere. As we began “people watching” we were in bemused by those with their selfie sticks posing and grinning as they snapped away at themselves.

Once again we began to question how many people are living in the present and are actually seeing and enjoying what they see or how many are simply living it though a camera? Those selfie pics all had the vast beauty behind the phone owner. I never saw them stand and look out at the vastness. They saw all the beauty through the screen of their camera. Only one couple had stopped. She lay upon a wall with her head upon her husband’s lap.  Like us he too was people watching – though I think our herd were the people he was watching. Hmmm I wonder what he saw and what he took home. Did those brief moments of looking into our interaction, speak to him of something from another Kingdom?


The girls and I had a lovely time in the afternoon wondering around the local mall looking for a wallet for Amber-Mai and buying some stickeeez toys that I had always said that they could not have as Riley was too young and may eat them. Oh the excitement over a few little plastic toys.

As we prepared for supper my friend that had offered to host us contacted us to say that their complex would not allow so many people to come stay. Oh what it means to have a big family! Trusting God with your family size does not end with giving birth. Somehow people are scared of us having six children. When we traveled here in the past with just 3 children people happily hosted us now however people are not so keen…..

As we once again find ourselves without a place to stay on Monday I feel wave after wave of homesickness wash over me. This is ironic as at this point we have no home. We are wandering gypsies…. children of heaven on a simple mission…. to obey our King today.


I try to gather comfort from the fact the disciples were also sent out and had to find places to stay as they traveled and Jesus too traveled – but they did not have 6 children on mission with them and for some reason people fear children. They see them as noisy, messy inconveniences. Oh how I miss home… home…. If we have no physical address – what is it I miss…. It’s our community, our church, our people.

You see I know that while we are there we are seen. We are valued. We are loved. Here we are simply wandering strangers passing through…. As I think on the verse “I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging for bread.” This isn’t talking only about miraculous provision – it is talking about the Kingdom, the body looking after each other. We share our food, we open our homes, we love and protect those within our community – and without – but we know that as long as we are in Hilton we would have a place to stay and have food on our table. Yet here and now…. it’s us and God. We have no one to rely on.

What about unity?

Yes we can send prayer requests but our family is far away. I think this is something I’m trying to process and something God is breeding in our hearts…. The bigger body. I think deep down we had assumed that as we traveled we’d call a church and someone would take us in, someone would look out for us – simply because we are part of their body. No we don’t meet together on a Sunday and no we don’t actually know them. But we are all filled with the same spirit. We are essentially all one.

So in my naivety I simply thought as long as we could find a church we’d be fine…… Very quickly we found this to not be true. Yet it was at this point that God began to challenge and poke my heart…. Do I love everyone in the body of Christ beyond my community I’m familiar with? And even within our community would I have lent my mattress or invited into my home someone not in our community that I have no relationship or identity with? Probably not! This is a huge wake up call. Is this the unity God spoke to Neil and I about last week? Is this what he’s wanting to breed in us?

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