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Besides being a Parenting and Educational Consultant, I am mom to 5 precious little people.

Our children range from 4 years to 14 years and we homeschool them all. Before having children my focus was on helping children with learning problems but now my heart is for moms. It’s my desire to help guide parents on how to help their child gain all the developmental skillsthey need so that they are ready to learn to read and adjust to formal education – and hence reach their full potential in life . Over the last 10 years as a family – we’ve worked through a miscarriage, an only child for 3 years, not falling pregnant and falling pregnant too quickly, fostering, a 10 year age gap and an 18 month age gap (including a set of twins), moving from mom to 1 child to 5 children in 2 years, a very late developer and at least one highly gifted child

Through all this chaos I’ve always felt a confidence and peace as I have known how to stimulate and support my children. Sometimes through great activity and other times simply through reading together. But this made me begin to wonder how do other moms who have never been trained cope? Surely they must also be walking the path of just trying to live life and yet on top of that they need to figure out how to parent and help their child reach their full potential? Especially in those early years but by the time mom has her feet on the ground Johnny is 10 years old and it’s too late.

It’s from here that my desire to reach out to parents that I began to write a book on early educational development, run workshops for parents and a program that helps parents integrate these skills into their busy lives. And now, through my blog, I want to share this knowledge with you and hopefully lighten your load as you reach out and help your child become all they were created to be…

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