Yummy Raw Food

Raw eating is a fairly concept we stumbled upon two years ago and it makes so much sense! Think about it we are living beings and we keep feeding our bodies dead food and wonder why we feel sluggish and not able to reach our full potential.

If however you eat raw fruit and veggies, their living goodness is immediately transferred to your cells and can start reproducing living, energised cells. It’s obviously not possible to eat only raw food but we’ve been amazed at how much we can add to our diet. The easiest being salads. We try to grow our own veggies so that there are no chemicals sprayed on them. Potatoes and carrots however we need to buy as we go through these so quickly that we could never keep up!  

We’ve juggled with the idea of organic vs non-organic and have realised that although organic is obviously better we simply can’t afford it at the moment. This resulting in that if we went organic we’d more likely give up on the raw food idea as we wouldn’t be able to sustain it. So our mantra for this season is that “non-organic and raw is better than commercially cooked.”

We can’t be controlled by these aspects of life and ruled by them but instead let them work for us personally.

Some other ideas are to:

  • Cook brown rice and add grated carrots, beetroots, some lemon and seeds.
  • Grated or chopped carrots with raisins and coconut.

www.hacres.com has many more amazing ideas!


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